If you are in the neighborhood and knock on her door, she will be home and you will leave with giant bags of perfect hand me downs and home made delicacies.  But the next minute she will have packed up the car and her bolga baskets and they will be camping under the stars or dipping into hot springs to connect to the earth which she is so deeply FROM.  

Stephanie believes 14 is the perfect number of pets which means there is always something warm and soft in your lap when you sit down by the fire.

She taught my daughter to do a headstand when our lives fell upside down and she needed to see straight, just for a minute. One year as we were walking through her garden she taught me the term "gone to seed".  Naturally I thought the wild kale flowers with the bees buzzing around them were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  She has bathed me in green juice, tea, spices, warm soup, beautiful dresses, love, love, love and the kind of never giving up support that my wildest dreams were made of.

She saw me for my spirit and was one of the real army of women who reminded me psyche was still alive and well inside of me even if my material life was crumbling beneath my feet.  

She lives a truly feminine narrative. Her wisdom allows her to see where to rest her attention and diverge from the plan. When her wildly exciting force comes for you, you will dance to the edge of life with them both which is why her beautiful wolf children are equally perceptive, kind, sincere and so brave their spirits sing to the wind.  She is a dancer, an artist, a wife, a mother, a daughter, fearless and our friend.  


xx Molly, Sarvey, Stephanie + Stormy